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    Every game. Every Sunday. Everywhere.
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  • LIVE games and so much more. All on one mighty app.

    With the NFL SUNDAY TICKET App and a subscription to NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX, you won’t miss a moment of the live action, no matter where you are on Sundays. But that’s just a part of it. You get real-time highlights, fantasy tracking, the RED ZONE CHANNEL® and the new FANTASY ZONE.
    The list goes on. Test drive the NFL SUNDAY TICKET app
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  • NFL Sunday Ticket App

    Wherever you go, your favorite teams follow.

    Mobilize your Sundays. Now you can immerse yourself in live football action wherever you happen to be. See every minute of any game on any given Sunday on your tablet or phone.
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  • NFL Red Zone Extra

    NFL Red Zone
    Every touchdown
    on one channel
    on any screen.

    Nothing gets your heart pumping like red zone action. The RED ZONE CHANNEL® delivers the final yards of every scoring drive from around the league on one channel. Now you can watch it on any device.
"Marketing : Equipment : DTV NFL ST App : List : Fantasy Zone"
  • NFL Fantasy Zone

    NFL Fantasy Zone
    NEW! Dominate your league with DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE.

    We’re bringing you the first ever fantasy football channel DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE. Airing every Sunday during the season, it offers real-time stats, highlights, projections and key player updates—so you can always stay on top of your league.
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  • NFL Fantasy Football

    NFL Fantasy Football
    Track your fantasy league.

    This is your NFL fantasy come true. The app lets you keep tabs on your fantasy league without missing a moment of the live game you’re watching, wherever you’re watching.
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Other amazing features

  • NFL Real Time Alerts

    Real-time highlight alerts.

    Get an alert right on your screen the moment a Big Play occurs. Just tap to see the highlight, and tune right back to the live game you’re watching.
  • NFL Short Cuts

    Short Cuts on your mobile.

    Relive all the action without the commercial interruptions. Now you can see Short Cuts—replays of entire games in 30 minutes—on your mobile device.
  • NFL Live Scores

    Live scores and stats whenever you want them.

    You'll always know what's happening around the league with up-to-the-minute scores, stats, and standings at your beck and call.
  • NFL Games

    Can’t decide between games? Watch them both.

    Don't fret. When you're confronted with two games playing at the same time that you can't miss, just tune in to both of them—one on your TV, the other on your tablet or phone.
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