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  • DIRECTV Everywhere

    Now DIRECTV goes everywhere you go.

    DIRECTV brings you all the entertainment you love on just about any device you happen to have in your possession. Watch the latest blockbusters and hottest shows On Demand. Stream Live TV on your tablet or phone anywhere in your home. Even take your recorded shows wherever you go. We're with you every step of the way.
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Enjoy the entertainment you want, anytime, anywhere.

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  • Take your DVR playlist anywhere you go.

    With a GenieGO connected to your HD DVR, you can transfer your recorded shows to your computer or mobile device and take them to go. No Internet connection needed when you want to watch, so you can watch them truly anywhere.

In addition to your TV, you can enjoy DIRECTV entertainment on all of these devices.

(Mac & PC)




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It's easy to start enjoying DIRECTV entertainment on these devices. See step-by-step guides

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