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STARZ Super Pack

$13.99 per month
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  • Captivating original series and blockbuster hit movies on 15 channels

    Love original series and movies? STARZ® Super Pack brings you exclusive series and over a thousand hit movies every month on 15 different STARZ® and ENCORE® channels. Discover original series like Outlander, and The Girlfriend Experience, on STARZ® and kid-approved movies on STARZ Kids & Family® and much more. Plus, enjoy On Demand channels included at no extra cost with your subscription (Ch. 1525–1542).
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  • STARZ®, now available
    wherever you are.

    Take the magic of STARZ® with you on your computer, tablet, or phone with DIRECTV Everywhere. Now you can stream captivating original series and hit movies—all available wherever you want!
    Ant-Man on STARZ®
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In the News

Visit the DIRECTV entertainment blog for breaking news, interviews, and behind-the-scenes looks at the hottest STARZ® shows.

  • Get ready for the Outlander season two premiere on STARZ®

    Explore the next chapter of Outlander when season two premieres on Saturday, April 9 at 9/8c on STARZ® (Ch. 525).
  • Don’t miss The Girlfriend Experience on STARZ®.

    Experience a provocative take on the world of sex and relationships in The Girlfriend Experience, only on STARZ®.
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  • See more top questions
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