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  • Over a thousand blockbusters on 15 channels

    Love movies? STARZ® Super Pack brings you over a thousand of the hottest blockbusters every month, plus great shows on 15 different STARZ® and ENCORE® channels. Discover original series like Da Vinci's Demons on STARZ® Originals, and kid-approved movies and shows on STARZ® Kids, and much more.
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  • Experience Premium TV

    STARZ®, now available
    wherever you are.

    Take the magic of STARZ® with you on your computer, tablet, or phone with DIRECTV Everywhere. Catch all the amazing original series as well as thousands of blockbuster hits—all available wherever you want!
    22 Jump Street on STARZ®
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In the News

Visit the DIRECTV entertainment blog for breaking news, interviews, and behind-the-scenes looks at the hottest STARZ® shows.

  • Don’t Sleep on Your Chance to Watch Maleficent on STARZ®

    In this reimagining of the fairytale Sleeping Beauty, we find out just what was going through Maleficent’s head when she decided to curse the young Aurora—Don’t miss Maleficent on STARZ® (Ch. 557).
  • Before Season 2 of Outlander on STARZ® , Find out "Jamie's" Favorite Moments

    This season on Outlander from STARZ®, Claire and Jaime will surely face more adversity, as she wonders if she'll ever be reunited with her husband—or if she even wants to be. Before we get to what's coming up, we asked Outlander star Sam Heughan (who plays the brooding Jaime), forwhat some of his favorite moments.
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