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  • Audience Channel

    Entertainment you won’t get from any other provider

    Only DIRECTV has AUDIENCETM, featuring the smartest and most daring entertainment on TV, and it’s FREE to all customers. Want more HD programming? Get HD EXTRA PACK for nine additional channels available only in HD. We even offer a channel designed just for dogs.
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  • All in HD. Only in HD.

    Get even more HD. Crime & Investigation HD, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries HD, HDNet Movies, MGM HD, Palladia HD, Sony Movie Channel HD, Smithsonian HD, Universal HD, and ShortsHD - get all this in one package (Chs. 565-573). Plus see hundreds of movies and shows from these channels On Demand^ anywhere, on any screen.


$4.99 per month
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  • The first TV network created just for dogs.

    DOGTVTM keeps your pet relaxed and entertained. It’s scientifically developed to stimulate, entertain, and habituate your dog, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your beloved pet at home alone (Ch 354).


$4.99 per month
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  • Exclusively on

    It's premium entertainment without the premium price. AUDIENCETM (Ch. 239) is available ONLY on DIRECTV and it's FREE to all customers. See original series like the acclaimed Billy & Bllie and the all new season of Full Circle, exclusive concerts, and more. You can also stream AUDIENCETM live or watch shows On Demand^ on any device.  
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