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  • South Asian TV Packages

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  • South Asian TV Channels From Bollywood to cricket: The best of South Asian TV

    No matter what part of South Asia you’re from, you can get the perfect blend of entertainment as diverse and expansive as your culture. Experience Bollywood hits, spiritual programs, news, sitcoms, music, special cricket events such as the Australia Tour of India series, and more.

South Asian TV

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    Jo Bole So Nihaal FILMY, Channel 2008

    Catch Sunney Deol in this action packed drama Jo Bole So Nihaal as he joins the FBI on a mission to hunt the wanted terrorist Romeo.
  • Channel 2024

    Willow Cricket, Channel 2024

    Enjoy the exclusive and official destination in North America for top International cricket played worldwide. Catch all the action and every game from India tour of Zimbabwe and Australia tour of India.
  • Zee Lamhe

    Qubool Hai Zee Lamhe, Channel 2001

    Qubool Hai is a Muslim social drama about a spunky young American girl, Zoya Farooqui, who makes her way to Bhopal in search of her father. There, she becomes caught up in the drama of two families related by blood yet distanced by unfortunate circumstances.
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  • HindiDirect®

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How to Order

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    Call the number above to order. You'll need to add your international package to a base programming package, which starts as low as $15.99 per month.
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Base packages just for you.

We offer base packages designed especially for our international viewers to customize with international TV packages.

  • Enjoy over 85 English-language channels, including over 69 music channels. Call number above
  • Get over 125 all-digital English-language channels, 40 more than BASIC CHOICETM. You can also add international packages to any of our standard English and Spanish base packages. Call number above
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